What is Self-Compassion and Why do I need it?

How do you talk to yourself? Are you gentle and forgiving? Recent scientific research shows that practicing self-compassion is key to optimal well-being and mental health.

Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned and it can make a difference in your mood, your relationships, and in your own feelings about yourself.

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Would You Rather Be Right or Be in a Relationship?

It's no one's fault, sometimes men and women have different operating systems from each other. Because conflict is inevitable, the way you handle stressors can really have an impact on your relationship. Learn how to communicate effectively to increase your couple connection.

Couple therapy is a positive, solution-focused process to help you build and rediscover your friendship, love, and passion for each other.

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What is Your Daring Greatly?

Did you know that recognizing, accepting and giving voice to our greatest fears (vulnerability) takes the power (shame) right out of them?

The real kicker is that taking a risk to be seen for who we are helps us to connect to our most creative selves and allows us to engage more fully with others.

Researcher Brené Brown describes this process in her groundbreaking book, “Daring Greatly.” This book will challenge your perceptions of satisfaction, success and striving.

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How To Get Started

As a licensed independent clinical social worker, I have many years of training and experience helping people live more full, connected and empowered lives. I offer solution-based strategies for individuals and couples based on cutting-edge scientific research. My approach is active, accepting, and warm.

Call/text 202-215-2790 or email today for your free brief phone consultation and/or to make an appointment. We all need a little help sometimes. Let's talk about how I can help you.

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